Famac was established in 1957, producing initially only brooms.
It was not before 1968 that the company started its activity in the paper converting field, producing TOILET PAPER.
In 1990 Famac decided it was time to move forward and started producing NAPKINS size 33x33. Two years later also KITCHEN ROLL was produced and finally in 1993 Famac produced its first HANDKERCHIEFS.
Nowadays Famac counts on its seven lines of production (two for Toilet paper and kitchen towel, four for napkins and one for handkerchiefs) to reach a daily capacity of production of 30 tons the 60% of which is converted into standard and traditional products, with the other 40% converted into special products.
All our lines have been modified and updated following the market's request, in order to achieve a quicker production providing a better service to all our customers.
Our plant with its 7000 square meters is located in Tuscany, Italy.
45% of our production is exported within Europe, another 30% outside Europe, while the remaining 25% is sold on the national market.
Famac Ean Code number is 7593, Famac received in 1982.
All Famac suppliers of raw materials (paper, cartons, colours, plastic) are certified ISO 9002.
Modern and dynamic, FAMAC follows the market trends, through new investments aiming to obtain products of superior quality.
Following the consumers requests Famac has developed a range of new products such as Scented Toilet Paper in 3 and 4 ply; Kitchen Monorolls in 3 ply and different fragrances; Printed and coloured napkins in 12 different tonalities; mini-napkins for party & cocktails; pocket handkerchiefs with nice smart printings.